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America, we have a problem. And that problem is the senseless and seemingly endless deaths of African Americans at the hands of police. We have all seen the chilling images, and they are disturbing.

A Crisis Within a Crisis: African-Americans and Police Brutality in America

There seems to be two kinds of traffic stops in America, one white, and one black, a white person when they’re pulled over for minor traffic infraction. The first thought is, I’m going to be late for work. I’m going to lose that good driver discount. But when you’re black in America, and you’re pulled over for the same infractions, you are thinking, is this the day I’m going to die? This is a problem we can and must fix. We are the United States of America. There isn’t one single problem we can’t solve when we pull together.


The legendary Joseph McClendon, shares a brutal and racist traffic stop cloud in his youth. While this stop was meant to crush his spirit, it failed because Joseph went on to become a doctor of Neuropsychology and one of the most sought after ultimate performance specialists in the industry. He has also given keynote speeches, seminars, workshops, and training programs to well over 3 million people. Joseph has also teamed up with best selling author and speaker Anthony Robbins, to co-author New York Times Best Seller books. He also created something called Neuro Encoding. The ability to condition ourselves to automatically default to our best behavior, our best beliefs and our best wealthiness, if you will.

It’s one thing to share one story, one example, one process that you can give to people. It makes a little bit of a shift. You change their lives.


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