Everyone has a teacher who had a lasting impact on their lives. Teachers are one of the most important members of our society. Reggie Selma shares his favorite teachers who helped him to become who he is today.

How Do Teachers Shape Our Future? Reggie Selma Remembers His Favorite Teachers

We’re going to talk about our favorite teacher. I was blessed to have many, but today we’re going to send it on just one. I have been blessed to have had great teachers throughout my whole life from the first grade through college. I think I like some more than others, but they were all very good.

I will always remember Dennis Morgan, my professor at Miles college, the college I attended in Birmingham. This particular story happened on a field trip to North Carolina a&t communications department, miles college bus, we drove from Birmingham to North Carolina to hear Max Robinson, the first African American network news anchor on ABC. It’s going to be a great event. My mission was to get on tape, an interview with the great Max Robison.


So I had my tape recorder that I bought from Radio Shack, and a microphone and I was ready to go. So I went up along with another classmate to help me with this recording. When I get to the bottom of the stage, someone turns me away, perhaps a security guard. And I came back. 


Professor Morgan says, “What happened?” And I said, “Well, they said Robinson is going to take questions after he gives his speech in an adjacent conference room with the local North Carolina media. So Professor Morgan looked at me, and he always pushed me harder because he saw a lot of himself in me, and he knew I was going to rise and do great things in the media. 

But on this particular day, he was giving me tough love. So he said, “Hmm, maybe you’re not tough enough to be in the media, if you give up on the first try.” So it was a combination of me being angry, and I’ll show him and also questioning my pride. 


So I say to my friend or skin, “Let’s go!’ So we walked down to the stage. And I take a napkin from one of the tables in front of the stage and I write this note in Mr. Robinson. ‘I am Reggie Selma with the miles college communication class. I would love to have a 32nd interview with you.’


He gave a diversion to the security guard. And I walked behind the stage, and I tugged on Max Robinson’s cuffs of his welt, favorite suit. And he looked down at me. I gave him this napkin. And he opened it up, read it, put it in his jacket pocket, and gave me the thumbs up. 


And I said, “Here is the 32nd interview”. And I asked him, “What advice would he give to aspiring media students?” And he gave a great answer.


And it was longer than 30 seconds. In fact, he talked to me for 10 minutes, everyone around the stage, the president of the university, they gave me that respect because they saw that I came in a professional way. My question was right on point. 


So I got an exclusive interview before the local press in North Carolina. I took that home back to our campus.It was a beautiful day.


Rest in peace Max Robinson, and Dennis Morgan.




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