Pamela Bardhi immigrated to the U.S when she was 5 Years old from Albania and started in small business at her family pizza shop in Boston when she was 10 years old. Her educational background includes Stonehill College, Babson College & Harvard Business School. She’s the founder of the Mosché Group, Mosché Development, Mosché Construction, and B. Blazers. Pamela is passionate about teaching budding real estate moguls the ins and outs of real estate. She’s been featured in Time Magazine, Forbes, among other media outlets.

Special Guest: Pamela Bardhi, Serial Entrepreneur: Attitude of a Champion, Hustle Like An Underdog

Pamela is a serial entrepreneur. She’s about to start her own fashion brand, and she is also the host of a very exciting podcast called Underdog.


She shares how her family’s name got chosen for the visa lottery in Albania to go to the United States of America. They didn’t know English, they didn’t save any money. There was nothing in America, no support system, no cousins, just some family friends and that was it. But they put it all on the line to sacrifice to create a better life with more opportunity for herself and her newborn brother.


On welfare for a while until her parents were able to get on their feet. They grew up pretty poor, but she always had everything she needed. Her parents always made sure they had everything that they needed.


Starting a business meant always grinding. Sometimes pushing 20-hour days, some days she wouldn’t sleep, some days her schedule was a hot mess. And luckily, her now fiance has been with her from the very beginning. He’s seen her from the first business up until now.


She thought of going into real estate development as a different stream of income. Not thinking she was going to be doing real estate full time. She just thought of it as a different way of making money on the side truthfully. She started creating, bought her first house and renovated it and fell in love with creating places. Decided that this is what she’s meant to do. In the last eight years, she’s sold, developed or acquired over 100 million in and around Boston in real estate assets at 27.


Her podcast, Underdog is her brand and persona. It’s the story of what she found of people all over the world. Every single person in this life has gone through an underdog challenge. They’ve been an underdog at some point in their lives. Because everybody’s gone through challenges. Everybody’s gone through pain. She finds that the common denominator that binds all humans together is sharing the underdog experience just in different ways.


So she created the podcast as a way to empower the world and showcase the stories of incredible people all over the world who are willing to share their story, of who they are, where they’ve been.



I’ve seen other people do it. And if you’re passionate about it, and you’re willing to put the work in, yes, you will get there.


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