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An Inspired Life podcast is one of the world’s most popular!

Listen Notes, the gold standard in rating podcasts, ranked this podcast in their top 5%!
“That’s out of 3 million podcast worldwide!”
Apple Podcast also named An Inspired Life to it’s prestigious New and Noteworthy List in only one weeks time of Reggie’s podcast debut.

"Having seen Reggie Selma speak, I can honestly say he has the gift to become one of the best speakers in the business."
Steve Siebold
one of the worlds, most successful speakers, author, and business trainers
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What Reggie Offers


Inspiring Keynotes

Reggie delivers powerful keynotes that resonate with audiences on a deep and personal level


International Experience

His global perspective and multicultural experiences enrich his presentations, making them relevant and impactful for diverse audiences.


Tailored Presentations

Whether you’re hosting a corporate conference, educational seminar, or community event, Reggie will craft a presentation that resonates with your audience and delivers maximum impact.

What My Podcast Is About

Welcome to An Inspired Life – a podcast designed to spark the flame of inspiration within you and guide you on a journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Life’s challenges may knock us down, but it’s our superpower of resilience that allows us to rise, dust off our capes, and keep moving forward. 

At the heart of this podcast are Triumphant Stories To Fuel Your Purpose — a slogan we hold dear, representing the resilience and triumph over adversities that fuel our life’s purpose.

Meet Your Host - Reggie Selma

Reggie Selma, former CNN legendary photojournalist, brings decades of unparalleled access to some of history’s most iconic leaders. From filming historical moments with every U.S. President from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama, Reggie provides a unique “Peek Behind The Curtain”. His conversations with figures like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, President Barack Obama, and Colin Powell, just to name a few, are enlightening and impactful, offering a rich tapestry of experiences. 

Growing up in the segregated South during the Civil Rights Movement, Reggie’s journey reflects the profound impact of love and support from his parents. His father, a Baptist preacher, told him, “You can go as far as your imagination will take you.

And Reggie’s mother said to him,

Reginald, always,always believe in yourself.

In 1982, Reggie Selma made broadcast history as CNN’s first African American cameraman assigned to report from the White House. 

Reggie is not just a season photojournalist, but also an inspirational speaker, and amazing storyteller, who captivates audiences worldwide.

An Inspired Life

An Inspired Life Podcast: Recognized Excellence

An Inspired Life podcast stands among the world’s most popular shows, earning a spot in the top 5% according to Listen Notes, the gold standard in podcast ratings. Out of 3 million podcasts worldwide, An Inspired Life shines as a beacon of inspiration. 

And yet another example of the its global popularity with listeners, An Inspired Life podcast achieved

New & Noteworthy status less than a week after it’s debut on Apple Podcasts.

Join us on this transformative journey as we delve into stories of hope, resilience, and triumph. Let An Inspired Life be your guide to unlocking your full potential.


    Katie Couric
    Katie Couric

    legendary TV Journalist and Author

    Reggie’s podcast is entertaining, moving, and heartwarming. I truly enjoy his presentation, I know you’ll enjoy it too.

      Andrea Koppel
      Andrea Koppel

      Host of the Podcast, This Magic Life Podcast and Speaker

      I can’t imagine a more appropriate tilte for a podcast. Because Reggie Selma has inspired me every time I listen to his wonderful podcast, “An Inspired Life.” The son of a Baptist preacher from Alabama, Reggie is a natural and gifted storyteller who will have you saying “amen!” before you know it. I look forward to listening to his podcast with a warm mug of tea. However you choose to listen, get ready to be inspired,

        Joseph McClendon III
        Joseph McClendon III

        Iconic International speaker, Best selling author, Ultimate performance specialist

        Listening to Reggie Selma’s An Inspired Life podcast shows us that our future is bright can be as bright as we want it to be.” Reggie’s also one of the world’s best storytellers.” His behind the scenes conversations he’s had with some of history’s most iconic leaders truly sets him apart. If you want a daily dose off inspiration, you’ll love his podcast

          Kris Krohn
          Kris Krohn

          Speaker, Best Selling Author, Real Estate

          For more than a decade I have empowered thousands of people to grow their wealth, health, and personal power.” Reggie Selma, through his amazing podcast, empowers his listeners to take control of their lives and future. This man is on a mission to uplift, inspire, and to show us the best version of ourselves.

            Gisele Barreto Fetterman
            Gisele Barreto Fetterman

            Founder of the Non-Profit, Freestore 15104

            As an activist I believe it is my duty to provide optimism and hope. When I listen to Reggie Selma’s “AN Inspired Life, podcast, that is exactly how I feel, HOPEFUL!

              Pamela Bardhi
              Pamela Bardhi

              Host of the Podcast, the UnderDog Show and Real Estate Developer

              Reggie Selma’s incredible spirit and heart are truly one of a kind. His positive energy shines through on every interview, and the stories he shares on his amazing podcast,” An Inspired Life. I highly recommend you give a listen, as he will absolutely inspire you as he has inspired me.

                Rev. Cornell W. Brooks
                Rev. Cornell W. Brooks

                Former President and CEO of the NAACP, Filmmaker

                I carry around a podcast library on my phone. When I need insight, introspection, and inspiration, I turn to Reggie Selma’s “An Inspired Life” podcast. Reggie’s podcast provides excellent conversations, perceptive questions, and genuine warmth.

                  Laura Evans
                  Laura Evans

                  CEO/Media strategist/Former award-winning TV journalist

                  Listening to Reggie Selma’s podcast is an absolute joy! Reggie exudes positive energy, leadership, and confidence. Reggie’s life antidotes and experiences he shares from a legendary career as a CNN photojournalist are fascinating to say the least. Reggie’s “An Inspired Life” podcast will have you laughing one minute, then sitting on the edge of your seat the next.

                    Jean Atman
                    Jean Atman

                    Energy Medicine Specialist

                    Reggie’s podcast is a beacon of inspiration, motivating people to become their best selves. What sets him apart is his genuine connection with the audience and his ability to curate diverse stories and guests. “An Inspired Life” is a source of universal inspiration, motivating listeners to embrace personal growth and overcome life’s challenges.” Reggie’s commitment to his mission shines through on every episode. Reggie, keep inspiring us to be our best selves!”

                      Gina London
                      Gina London

                      Former Award-Winning CNN Journalist, International Speaker

                      Reggie brings his stories of impact vividly to the stage to delight and inspire audiences everywhere. I had the privilege of watching him perform as the keynote speaker at a conference in Dublin, Ireland. From his tales of former presidents, to a story of one little boy in the crowd, Reggie knows how to share moments with humor and kindness that will impact your positively forever.

                        Mark J.Lindquist
                        Mark J.Lindquist

                        U.S Air Forse and Afghan War Veteran, Motivational speaker

                        I am writing this testimonial from the edge of the free world in Ukraine. I came to know this incredible man,Reggie Selma, when he interviewed me for his amazing podcast, during the early days of the war in Ukraine. He proved to be a thoughtful and prepared host, a true professional, and trustworthy inquiring mind. Reggie’s caring heart extended far beyond the typical host/guest relationship. He was truly concerned about my safety and well being, often sending texts asking if I was ok. Although, we’ve only met through text messages and video chats, I would run through fire for this great man! He is top of the list in my book.

                          Shantel Klinger’s
                          Shantel Klinger’s

                          Emmy award winning television producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show

                          Reggie Selma‘s podcast gives you a shot of WOW! As he reminisces on his exclusive behind-the-scenes conversation with some of history‘s greatest leaders. Reggies podcast, An Inspired Life, re-energized the mind, spirit and soul!


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