Ep. # 22 Peek Behind The Curtain – President George H.W. Bush


In the lead-up to the Gulf War, President George H. W. Bush made a powerful and impactful announcement that set the stage for the impending conflict. This article delves into the story surrounding President Bush’s announcement at the White House, highlighting the tension and anticipation that enveloped the nation. Beyond the story, it explores the general sense of leadership demonstrated by President Bush during this crucial moment in history.

Setting the Stage

As the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces unfolded, tension gripped the White House. The air was thick with anticipation, and the nation awaited decisive action from President Bush. On the day that President Bush was leaving on a helicopter, he had an opportunity to address the press and make a statement that would resonate with the American people.

President Bush’s Powerful Words

Approaching the phalanx of cameras, President Bush was asked if the United States would invade Iraq. With unwavering resolve, he looked into the lenses and uttered the unforgettable words, “Watch and learn.” The impact of those words reverberated through the press corps and the nation. It was a clear indication that something significant was about to happen.

The Personal Toll

The gravity of President Bush’s statement was not lost on those present, including Reggie Selma, who witnessed the moment firsthand. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Reggie made a call to his wife, Sandy, conveying the message that he would not be coming home for dinner. This personal anecdote highlights the emotional toll and the weight of responsibility that comes with leadership during times of crisis.

Bush’s Address to the Nation

Later that evening, President Bush addressed the nation from the Oval Office, confirming the military action that had commenced just hours prior. While the world heard the news during the televised address, Reggie and other members of the press were already aware of the impending military strike. The President’s announcement marked a significant turning point in the Gulf War.

Leadership and Legacy

President George H. W. Bush’s leadership during the Gulf War left an indelible mark on history. His decisive actions and steadfast resolve demonstrated true leadership in the face of adversity. The world witnessed a leader who had the courage to take action when necessary, displaying both strength and diplomacy.

Lessons Learned

The story of President Bush’s Gulf War announcement provides valuable lessons in leadership. It emphasizes the importance of decisiveness and clear communication during times of uncertainty. President Bush’s words, “Watch and learn,” remind us of the power of purposeful action and the impact it can have on those we lead.


President George H. W. Bush’s Gulf War announcement stands as a testament to his leadership and the challenges he faced during his presidency. Through his powerful words, he conveyed determination and resolve, setting the stage for the conflict that would follow. The events surrounding his announcement serve as a reminder of the importance of decisive leadership in times of crisis and the lasting impact it can have on a nation.

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