Ep. #28 Peek Behind The Curtain- Reggie Selma’s 9-11 Story


Picture starting your day filled with enthusiasm and anticipation for covering a big news story, only to find yourself in the center of a monumental and devastating event. That’s precisely what Reggie Selma, a former CNN photojournalist, experienced on September 11, 2001. His story offers valuable lessons on the importance of adaptability, courage, and resilience when faced with unexpected challenges and chaos.

The Unfolding of the 9/11 Attacks

While going about his initial assignment, Reggie and his colleagues were stunned as the heartbreaking events at the World Trade Center unfolded. They quickly grasped the weight of the situation and adapted their roles to share the catastrophic disaster with the world. As journalists, Reggie and his peers played a crucial part in informing and connecting people during that unprecedented crisis.

Adaptation and Bravery: A Photojournalist’s Challenges

In the midst of chaos and impending danger, Reggie had to display persistence and mental fortitude to continue doing his work. He shifted from capturing reactions to the initial news to documenting the horrifying Pentagon crash as it happened. Reggie’s experience highlights the importance of overcoming personal and professional challenges, even under extreme circumstances.

Confronting Fear

As the tragic events continued to unfold, Reggie faced life-threatening peril while balancing fear, determination, and a sense of duty to document history. He bravely captured these terrifying moments while also considering the potential impact on his family and loved ones. Reggie’s story can inspire us to face our fears head-on and adapt our actions when faced with uncertain situations.

Finding Strength in Reflection and Faith

Handling emotions during a crisis can feel overwhelming. Still, Reggie’s reflective moments in the heart of chaos allowed him to find the strength necessary for survival. The power of personal connections and faith carried him through as he thought about his late father and treasured family. These memories remind us of the importance of inner strength when facing unprecedented challenges.

Everyday Heroes

Reggie’s 9/11 experience brought attention to the incredible bravery of ordinary people during times of terror. The passengers of United Flight 93 demonstrated unparalleled courage by fighting back against the hijackers and sacrificing their lives to protect others. Their actions remind us of everyday heroes’ significant impact and sacrifices during crises.

The Comforts of Faith and Hope

Finding solace in symbols and belief during adversity can offer crucial mental support. Reggie’s encounter with the small church and its rugged cross provided hope and strength during the terrifying events of that day. His story emphasizes how faith can guide and comfort us in our darkest hours.


Reggie Selma’s 9/11 experience teaches us the importance of adaptability, courage, and resilience when facing adversity. As we commemorate this tragic day in history, it is essential not only to remember the heroes but also to foster unity and provide support for one another. Let us continue to learn from these heart-wrenching experiences and stand united in the face of challenges, striving for a better future built upon foundations of hope, faith, and love.

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