Ep. # 31 Practice What You Preach

Change is a part of life, and sometimes it can be hard to embrace. In the story narrated by Reggie Selma, he shared his experience moving to a new neighborhood along with his family, highlighting the importance of forming new relationships, learning from others, and embracing change in all aspects of life.

As Reggie and his family adapted to their new community, they clung to the comfort of their old neighborhood, visiting frequently. However, Reggie realized that to appreciate their new home truly, they needed to balance the old and new, forging new relationships while maintaining the old. Relationships are more than just a means of emotional comfort; they provide practical support like Reggie’s neighbor offering his pick-up truck.

Encountering situations that require us to reflect on our behaviors or thought processes can be uncomfortable. Still, valuable life lessons can come from those unexpected moments. Reggie’s children highlighted the importance of focusing on building connections and forming relationships with the new neighbors. Their fresh and unbiased perspective forced Reggie to reevaluate his actions and embrace the challenge of establishing a bond with his new community.

Confronted by his children’s wisdom, Reggie demonstrated the importance of embracing change and taking the initiative to cultivate authentic connections. He reached out to the neighbor who offered his truck and formed a genuine relationship built on trust and support. We, too, must seize opportunities for personal growth and learn to recognize the importance of various perspectives, regardless of age or experience.

As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced and interconnected, neighborhood bonds and close-knit communities have become more important than ever. In Reggie’s story, the old and new neighbors all offered help and support, showing the vitality of a strong community. This kind of reliable support network fosters a sense of belonging, which is essential for our mental health and overall well-being.

By incorporating the valuable lessons shared by Reggie and his experience, we can develop a more resilient and compassionate approach to navigating the challenges that come with change. This includes fostering authentic relationships with our neighbors, seeking wisdom from unexpected sources, and appreciating the value of differing perspectives, even from our own children.

We must remember that small acts of kindness and engagement with our neighbors can lead to a welcoming, supportive environment. Offering our assistance when needed, participating in local community events and activities, and simply engaging in genuine conversation can help strengthen these all-important relationships.

In embracing various perspectives, we open ourselves up to growth and understanding. We learn to appreciate the world in all its complexity and can better adapt to new situations. This understanding allows us to become more open-minded, compassionate individuals who recognize wisdom from any age or source.

In conclusion, change can be challenging, but with the right mindset and openness to learning from others, we can embrace new experiences and grow as individuals. The story of Reggie Selma and his family teaches us the importance of forging authentic relationships, learning from differing perspectives, and recognizing that wisdom can come from any age. Life is a constant journey; sometimes, the lessons we need to learn are hidden in the seemingly ordinary moments or words spoken by those we least expect. By embracing change and fostering connections with our neighbors, we can build stronger, more supportive communities and enrich our lives with the wisdom and experiences of those around us.

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