Ep. # 39 Homeless Isn’t Hopeless- Rebecca Welsh Interview


One remarkable figure in social impact and nonprofit organizations is Rebekah Welsh, founder and CEO of HALO. For over 17 years, HALO has dedicated itself to helping homeless and at-risk children across the United States and six additional countries worldwide. In this blog, we will explore the journey of HALO, the influence of art on healing and expression, and the incredible involvement of Oprah Winfrey in hosting an art auction to support HALO’S cause.

Background and Inspiration

Rebekah’s journey in helping homeless children began with a life-changing experience volunteering with Mercy Ships after college. Living on a boat with hundreds of others, she would visit orphanages in Honduras, where she met a young girl named Daisy. This encounter with Daisy, a child living a life of fear and neglect, deeply impacted Rebekah and fueled her devotion to helping children in need.

Early Achievements and Martial Arts

Driven by her passion, Rebekah achieved great success in martial arts, becoming a world champion at age 21. Despite this achievement, she felt a calling for something more fulfilling and impactful. Her martial arts background taught her valuable lessons in leadership and motivation, which she translated into her work with HALO and empowering young individuals.

Halo’s Mission and Child Homelessness

HALO’s mission encompasses providing support and care for children aged zero to 25 who are homeless or at risk. These children come from various backgrounds and face different challenges, from temporary hardships due to family circumstances to long-term homelessness. Rebekah and her team at HALO aim to fill the gaps in these children’s lives, offering them a foundation of family and support.

Art as a Therapeutic Tool

One of the core elements of HALO’s approach is the therapeutic use of art. Rebekah discovered the power of art while volunteering at an orphanage, where she witnessed children expressing themselves and healing through art. HALO’s focus on artistic expression and creativity allows the children to visually paint their futures, providing them with hope and the ability to imagine a brighter tomorrow.

Zaire’s Story

Zaire’s story stands out among the many young individuals whom HALO’s work has impacted. Born with health challenges, Zaire has undergone numerous surgeries throughout his life. Despite these obstacles, Zaire radiates resilience and chooses happiness every day. He even defied his limitations to participate in basketball, inspiring his peers and everyone around him.

Meeting Oprah Winfrey and Her Involvement

Rebekah’s remarkable journey caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey at an event celebrating the power of women. Oprah, inspired by Rebekah’s story and the mission of HALO, became both a mentor and supporter. Their shared dedication to empowering young people led to a strong partnership, with Oprah hosting an art auction to raise funds for HALO.

Annual Live Streaming Art Auction

This event featured the premiere of a short documentary showcasing Zaire’s life, inspiring viewers with his resilience. Additionally, items from celebrities’ closets had been auctioned, with proceeds towards supporting homeless and at-risk children.

ConclusionRebekah Welsh’s journey and the impact of HALO on homeless and at-risk children serve as an inspiration to us all. HALO’s focus on art and individualized support gives these children the tools and foundation to build a brighter future. The involvement of influential figures like Oprah Winfrey amplifies the organization’s impact, changing the lives of countless young individuals. The upcoming live stream art auction hosted by Oprah will further support HALO’s mission to empower homeless children. Let us come together, support Halo, and make a difference in the lives of these at-risk youth. Together, we can make a lasting and positive change.

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