Ep. #43 Former Air Force Staff Sergeant is Currently in War Torn Ukraine Staging His Own Humanitarian Mission. Special Guest, Mark J. Lindquist


In the war-torn land of Ukraine, amidst a brutal invasion by Russia, there stands a shining beacon of courage and compassion: Mark J. Linquist. A veteran of the Afghan War, author, and motivational speaker, Mark has embarked on a personal humanitarian mission in Ukraine. His unwavering commitment to helping people in need has positioned him as a true hero. Today, we will delve into the remarkable story of Mark’s journey and his profound impact on the lives of those he encounters.

Mark’s Encounter with Milgina

One particular incident that captured the hearts of many was Mark’s encounter with Milgina, an eleven-year-old girl tragically shot by Russian soldiers. Through a twist of fate, Mark and his team stumbled upon Milgina and her family at the border. Little did they know that she was the same girl whose story had garnered global attention through a report by CNN correspondent Ivan Watson. The deep sense of relief and joy that flooded the team when they made this discovery was immeasurable.

Assisting Refugees at the Polish-Ukrainian Border

At the Polish-Ukrainian border, Mark witnessed the immense challenges those fleeing Ukraine face in search of safety and refuge in Poland. Long lines, harsh weather conditions, and a lack of aid characterized the scene as thousands sought a way out of the war-torn country. Mark and his team undertook the noble task of escorting refugees across the border, providing them with much-needed support, and carrying their belongings. Their selflessness and dedication in the face of adversity demonstrated the true spirit of humanity.

Delivering Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

Amidst the chaos, Mark took it upon himself to deliver essential supplies to the most affected areas in Ukraine. The journey was tireless and relentless, often fraught with challenges such as fuel shortages. As a military veteran with a deep understanding of logistics and operations, Mark navigated the country, ensuring that aid reached the regions in dire need. Tourniquets, Israeli bandages, and other life-saving supplies were distributed to hospitals and frontline troops, offering a glimpse of hope amid devastation.

Emotional Impact and Reflections

The gravity of the situation in Ukraine took an emotional toll on Mark and his team. Witnessing the destruction and loss firsthand brought moments of despair and introspection. However, amidst the darkness, they found solace in recognizing the impact they were making. Their encounters with the Ukrainian people, especially the children in orphanages, ignited a powerful connection. Mark’s experiences as an orphan catalyzed his deep-rooted desire to support these children, providing them with love, care, and hope for a brighter future.

The Resolve of the Ukrainian People

One aspect that struck Mark profoundly was the unwavering resolve of the Ukrainian people. Despite the dire circumstances and the threat to their freedom, they stood united as a nation, fighting against a common enemy. Their spirit, tenacity, and unity should be an example for the world. In a time of global divisiveness, the Ukrainian people remind us of the power of unity and compassion in overcoming adversity.


Mark J. Linquist’s journey in Ukraine embodies selflessness and resilience. Through his humanitarian mission, he has touched countless lives, offering aid, hope, and love to those affected by the conflict. Mark’s courage and determination and the Ukrainian people’s resolve serve as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Their stories remind us that, even in the darkest times, acts of compassion and unity can create profound change. As we reflect on Mark’s heroic endeavors and the impact he continues to make, let us be inspired to support and uplift those in need, both in Ukraine and around the world. Together, we can work towards a future filled with peace, empathy, and hope.

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