Ep.# 20 Peek  Behind The Curtain – President Barack Obama


Barack Obama’s journey to the presidency of the United States was extraordinary, marked by humility, inspiration, and the breaking of long-standing barriers. As a cameraman at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C, Reggie had the privilege of capturing a pivotal moment in this historic journey. The encounter that followed with then-Senator Obama in an elevator would forever remain etched in Reggie’s memory.

Filming an Inspiring Speech

Obama’s speeches were known for their ability to inspire, uplift, and provoke thought. As Reggie set up the camera equipment on that particular day, anticipation filled the air. The speech delivered by Obama at the National Press Club was no exception. It was a testament to his oratory skills and his ability to connect with the audience.

An Unexpected Elevator Encounter

After the speech, as Reggie was dismantling the gear and preparing to leave, he took the secret route through the kitchen to the freight elevator. To his surprise, Barack Obama himself approached, requesting to hold the elevator. Overwhelmed by the encounter, Reggie gladly complied.

A Genuine Interaction

Inside the elevator, Obama, accompanied by his staff, engaged Reggie in a conversation. To Reggie’s astonishment, Obama genuinely sought his opinion on the speech. Obama’s humility and sincerity shone through his question, and Reggie offered a simple yet honest assessment. The shared laughter that followed broke down any barriers between them.

Navigating Identity Terminology in the African Diaspora

As a photojournalist of CNN, Reggie had the distinct honor of filming America’s first Black president’s inauguration.. As Reggie witnessed him taking the oath of office, he couldn’t help but reflect on the struggles of the civil rights movement and the sacrifices made by his parents, who fought for equality. It was a proud and emotional moment for Reggie personally.

The Power of Representation

One significant aspect of Obama’s journey was the power of representation. His election shattered racial barriers and offered hope and inspiration to millions. Seeing someone who looked like them in the highest office of the land profoundly impacted people across the country, including Reggie. It reinforced the belief that anyone, regardless of background, could aspire to greatness.

A Moment of Pride

As a native son of Alabama, the significance of this moment was not lost on Reggie. Growing up in the segregated South, his parents faced numerous obstacles, including the poll tax, just to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Filming the first Black president being sworn in was a testament to the progress made, and Reggie’s heart swelled with pride.


Reggie’s brief yet insightful conversation with Barack Obama left a lasting impact. It reminded him of the importance of humility and sincerity in our interactions with others, regardless of their position or background. Obama’s journey from senator to president serves as a lesson in perseverance, hope, and the power of breaking down barriers. As we reflect on history, let us carry these values in our hearts daily, seeking to uplift and inspire those around us. The power of representation cannot be underestimated, as it paves the way for a more inclusive and equitable society.

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