Ep. # 34 Juliette Nelson – Interview


Meet Juliette Nelson, a woman with diverse accomplishments, from authoring a book to running an eyeglass company. In this blog, we will explore the valuable lessons and insights shared by Juliette Nelson, along with her inspirational journey as an entrepreneur.

The Key Lessons

Self-awareness takes center stage in Nelson’s teachings. She emphasizes the importance of understanding oneself, including learning styles and personality. By embracing self-awareness, individuals can create a safe learning environment for themselves. Moreover, Nelson highlights the value of essential skills such as reading, writing, public speaking, and money management in college and beyond. These skills, often overlooked, are crucial for success in the real world. Additionally, Nelson encourages individuals to focus on their unique journey, avoiding the trap of comparing themselves to others.

A Fresh Perspective on Aspiring Careers

Traditionally, the question “What do you want to be” has been asked to young people, limiting their ambitions to specific titles. Nelson challenges this notion and proposes a shift to “what do you want to do.” By focusing on purpose rather than predefined titles, individuals can explore various paths that align with their passions, enabling them to make a positive impact.

Resilience and Cultural Significance

Nelson’s Haitian heritage has instilled in her a sense of resilience. She discusses how the Haitian people have displayed remarkable strength, overcoming countless challenges throughout their history. This resilience is deeply rooted in their cultural values, inspiring Nelson and others to rise above adversity.

Finding Inspiration in Spiritual Teachings

One Bible verse that resonates with Nelson is Habakkuk 2:2-3, which encourages individuals to write their vision and make it plain. This verse symbolizes the significance of having a purposeful vision and persevering in its pursuit. Nelson believes that when one’s purpose is aligned with their actions, a sense of hope and contentment emerges, regardless of external circumstances.

Juliette Nelson’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Nelson’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish an eyeglass company called New Release. Through this venture, she combines her love for glasses with her desire to serve students and professionals. The use of wood in the eyeglass frames not only adds a unique touch but also symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and longevity. Additionally, Nelson has founded her own publishing company, Junior Publishing, allowing her to share her insights and help others amplify their voices.


In conclusion, Juliette Nelson’s journey and insights offer valuable lessons for individuals seeking personal and professional growth. One can navigate challenges and achieve their purpose by emphasizing self-awareness, embracing unique paths, and finding inspiration in spiritual teachings. Nelson’s entrepreneurial ventures exemplify her commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. Ultimately, Juliette Nelson’s story serves as a reminder that success is not limited to predetermined titles or paths. We can create fulfilling and impactful lives by exploring our passions, embracing self-awareness, and staying true to our purpose.

As we navigate through life’s challenges, it is crucial to remember Nelson’s message of resilience. Like the Haitian people, we can also weather storms, rise above adversity, and emerge stronger. By tapping into our cultural values and drawing inspiration from those who have demonstrated unwavering strength, we can find the courage to persevere.

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