Ep. #35 A Little Bird Told Me


Imagine a beautiful autumn afternoon when your family gathers on the deck, enjoying the pleasant weather and each other’s company. Suddenly, a loud crash interrupts the peaceful atmosphere. You enter the house in a rush, suspecting that your rambunctious dogs may be responsible. To your surprise, you find a small black bird fluttering against a window, seeking an escape.

The Symbolic Encounter:

Quickly, you grab a kitchen towel and gently capture the bird. With a sense of compassion, you release it back into the freedom of the outdoors, rejoicing in its newfound liberation. Little did you know this unexpected encounter would hold a profound message for you and your family.

The Meaningful Connection:

As you reflect on the incident, you notice a fallen wooden plaque on the floor. It features a depiction of a small black bird and bears the simple yet powerful phrase: “She flies with her own wings.” The significance of this moment resonates deeply, as it aligns with your daughter Regina’s recent expressions of renewed confidence and purpose.

The Spiritual Language of Nature:

Throughout history, nature has served as a conduit for spiritual messages. Birds, in particular, have been seen as messengers of peace. This encounter with the blackbird brings back cherished memories of your childhood when a red cardinal landed on your fence, symbolizing a personal connection. Its presence brought joy and even earned him the nickname “Redbird” from your father.

Birds as Symbols of Freedom:

Have you ever watched birds soaring through the sky and felt an indescribable longing to experience their freedom? Birds embody a sense of tranquility and liberation that captivates our hearts. They remind us of our innate desire to break free from limitations, spread our wings, and embrace life’s endless possibilities.

Embracing Self-Confidence:

Just as birds rely on their own wings to navigate the vast expanse of the sky, we too must nurture our self-confidence and trust in our own abilities. The fallen plaque serves as a gentle reminder to listen to our instincts, make independent decisions, and disregard the influence of those who try to bring us down. Surrounding ourselves with positivity and support, we can find the courage to soar to new heights.

Lessons from Nature:

Nature, in all its splendor, holds profound wisdom for those willing to listen. Its harmonious rhythms and intricate patterns guide us on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace. By attuning ourselves to the messages whispered by nature, we learn to trust our intuition, follow our hearts, and find solace in its serene embrace.


In the tapestry of life, the unexpected encounters with nature carry profound meaning. The visit of the blackbird and the fallen plaque remind us to embrace self-confidence, trust our inner voices, and let go of negativity. Let us draw inspiration from the messages nature imparts, spreading our wings to navigate the vast sky of life with unwavering courage and the freedom to fly on our own terms.

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