Ep. # 45 Jill Wheaton


Jill Wheaton, a renowned leadership expert, and top sales coach, has had an incredible journey shaped by her association with Tony Robbins. From challenging beginnings to academic success and a career on Wall Street, Jill’s path was not without internal struggles. However, her encounter with Tony Robbins and the transformational teachings she received became the catalyst for her personal and professional growth.

Challenging Beginnings and Academic Success:

Jill’s upbringing in a remote fishing village in northern Maine posed unique challenges. Limited educational opportunities compelled her to live with another family for further education. Despite the hardships, Jill’s giftedness allowed her to excel academically, eventually leading her to a successful career on Wall Street.

Internal Struggles and the Quest for Fulfillment:

Behind her external achievements, Jill battled feelings of unpreparedness and unworthiness. Tony Robbins played a pivotal role in helping her align her psychology with the circumstances of her life. This journey involved addressing imposter syndrome and incongruence, enabling Jill to find true fulfillment.

Overcoming Financial Hardships and Career Transition:

Jill experienced significant financial setbacks due to bad business decisions. Determined to make a change, she pursued her passion for health and nutrition, eventually joining Tony Robbins’ team. Starting in sales, she initially faced challenges but overcame them, ultimately breaking sales records and achieving remarkable success.

Personal Transformation and Professional Growth:

Tony Robbins’ teachings became a lifeline for Jill, providing her with a real-life education that went beyond her academic achievements. She now serves as the Director of Business Solutions for Tony Robbins, overseeing sales teams and contributing to life-changing programs for entrepreneurs. Jill’s passion and intensity are reflected in her positive impact on people’s lives.

Embracing Change and Living with Purpose:

Jill’s realization that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure prompted her to examine her beliefs and make conscious decisions. She emphasizes the importance of reshaping inherited beliefs and surrounding oneself with a supportive peer group. Through this process, individuals can align with their true values and create a fulfilling path in life.

Inspiring Words for Personal Growth:

The advice of Jill revolves around self-reflection, authenticity, and fulfillment. By challenging inherited beliefs and making conscious choices, individuals can find their true north and make decisions that align with their values. Surrounding oneself with a supportive peer group that challenges beliefs is also crucial for personal growth and success.


Jill Wheaton’s inspiring journey showcases the power of embracing transformation for personal and professional fulfillment. Her story emphasizes the importance of aligning beliefs, embracing change, and surrounding oneself with a supportive community. By doing so, individuals can embark on a meaningful path that leads to personal growth, success, and fulfillment.

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