Ep. #46 Discover the Extraordinary Healing Powers of Horses Against the Struggles of Mental Illness


Imagine the incredible healing and connection that can be found in the gentle presence of horses. It’s a phenomenon that has captivated the hearts of many, and today we dive into the world where horses and mental health intertwine. Join us as we go through personal stories of resilience, the remarkable work of organizations like Horses for Mental Health and Acres for Life, and the urgent need to address the mental health crisis plaguing our society.

The Healing Power of Horses:

There’s something downright enchanting about the bond between humans and horses. Throughout history, these magnificent creatures have stood beside us through thick and thin. Just like us, they value community and companionship. Their graceful presence can help us build trust, confront our deepest fears head-on, and bring a sense of peace and belonging like nothing else.

Personal Stories:

Prepare to be moved by Reggie’s powerful testimony of his father’s life-altering encounter with a horse. In a moment that could have ended differently, the horse’s intervention prevented a tragedy. This heartwarming tale showcases the profound impact these majestic animals can have on our lives, changing the course of our journeys in unimaginable ways.

The Work of Horses for Mental Health:

Enter Lynn Thomas, the guiding force behind Horses for Mental Health. With unwavering passion and determination, she discovered the extraordinary therapeutic benefits of incorporating horses into mental health treatment. Horses for Mental Health is an incredible non-profit organization that raises awareness, advocates for this unique therapy, and supports life-changing programs through their awe-inspiring Seen through Horses campaign. This annual campaign, held during Mental Illness Week, unites charitable partners and influential figures to spread the word and raise much-needed funds for mental health initiatives.

The Work of Acres for Life:

Lynn Moore, the visionary leader behind Acres for Life, knows firsthand how horses can help individuals overcome their mental health challenges. Acres for Life stands as a beacon of hope, offering transformative therapy and wellness programs that empower individuals to take charge of their lives. Witness the unbelievable transformations as people of all ages, grappling with various mental health diagnoses, find solace, strength, and renewed purpose through their interactions with these extraordinary creatures.

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis:

Let us confront the sobering reality – mental health struggles are reaching alarming proportions. Depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction grip our society, pushing individuals to the edge. Tragically, suicide claims far too many lives, especially among our youth. In this time of crisis, we must join forces and support organizations like Horses for Mental Health and Acres for Life. Through their tireless efforts, they provide accessible treatment options, raise awareness, and remind us all of the profound healing power horses hold. It’s high time we prioritize mental health and rally behind these innovative approaches that blend the therapeutic essence of majestic horses with cutting-edge therapy. Are you ready to offer hope, healing, and a brighter future to those in need?


In a world where healing often feels elusive, horses bring a profound sense of transformation and hope. The incredible bond shared between these majestic creatures and humans can mend even the most shattered spirits. Through the incredible work of organizations like Horses for Mental Health and Acres for Life, we witness the power of unity and dedication to changing lives. Together, let’s face the mental health crisis head-on, spreading awareness and embracing innovative approaches that encompass the soul-stirring qualities of these remarkable animals. By doing so, we can offer a lifeline of hope, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose to all those battling their mental health challenges.

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